Daily Table is proud of hiring many of its employees from the community surrounding our store.
The open positions are listed below. To apply, click “Find out more” and follow the instructions on the job description.

Food Acquisitions Specialist (Full-Time)

Daily Table is looking for a Food Acquisitions Specialist who will be responsible for finding and managing new and existing suppliers who can provide unique buying opportunities and donations for our retail stores and commissary kitchen.
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Commissary Kitchen Manager (Full-Time)

Daily Table is looking for a Kitchen Manager who will manage our commissary and prepared foods kitchen to supply products to our retail stores. The Kitchen Manager will serve as the leader of the commissary staff, and oversee all operations of the commissary including: personnel hiring and training, personnel management, assisting in menu planning and creation, margin and labor costs, on site food safety, and operations logistics.
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Purchasing Assistant (Full-Time)

We’re looking for a full-time Purchasing Assistant responsible for ordering, tracking, and confirming receipt of products and supplies necessary for the operation of two retail stores and our commissary kitchen. The Purchasing Assistant will ensure that the procurement requests from each of the retail stores and the commissary kitchen are completed and that the correct quantities of the correct items are ordered and received at the correct time.
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Driver (Full-Time)

Daily Table is looking for someone to join our team as the truck driver and aggregator. The aggregator
position is essential to our project to ensure timely, regimented and impromptu pickups of donated foods
from new and established pickup sites in the Greater Boston area. This person will help to build and
maintain solid and professional relationships with our vendors while demonstrating professionalism and a
great deal of punctuality. In addition, this person will have an interest in Daily Tables mission to decrease
hunger, poor nutrition, and obesity in the inner city while educating and providing access to affordable,
high-quality fresh food.
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